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A difficult level read

Lifted: Experiencing the resurrection life

By Sam Alberry

Allberry tackles the resurrection in four chapters, structured around the practical implications of this doctrine for Christian believers: affirmation, transformation, hope and mission. Firstly, Jesus’ historical resurrection assures us of who Jesus is and ofwhat Jesus has done on the cross. Allberry describes the resurrection as God’s signature on the deal of salvation.

Secondly, the resurrection affects our transformation because we too have been raised with Christ. We are united with Christ in his death and resurrection, such that his new life is our new life. The resurrection is the source of the power and motivation to live this new life. Not only does Christ’s resurrection have past and present implications, it anchors our final hope. Jesus’ bodily resurrection guarantees our future bodily resurrection when he returns. He also addresses the resurrection hope for the renewal of the rest of God’s creation.

Finally, Alberry addresses the implications of the resurrection for mission. In his resurrection, Jesus is exalted as king over the world and judge. He sets the believer the task of taking his good news to the ends of the earth. The resurrection initiates and motivates this mission.

Tone and style:
Lifted is very readable, personal and at times quite humorous. Allberry writes in a way that is conversational and engaging.

One of the book’s key strengths is the way it seamlessly blends serious theological insight with real and personal application throughout the book. It teaches sound Biblical doctrine and demonstrates clearly how this applies to the life of the believer.

Possible uses:
This book would be ideal for a new Christian or anyone who is only beginning to think about the importance of Jesus’ resurrection. We tend to have a handle on what his death means, but can be unclear on the significance of his resurrection. This book will challenge all Christians to consider afresh the resurrection life.

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