From the Archives: Does Christianity have a violent past?

by | Jun 9, 2016

What do Ancient Near Eastern history writers have in common with modern day sports commentators? Listen to this “From the Archives”, to find out.

At the beginning of 2015 CCL relaunched, under Tony Payne’s leadership, by considering the topic: Can we talk about Islam? As part of the evening Andrew Shead, Head of Old Testament at Moore College, presented a short talk (about 20mins) titled ‘Does Christianity have a violent past?’ Andrew brought his extensive understanding of the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East to bear on the topic. He did not shy away from the destruction that came at the hand of the Israelites but by illuminating the nuances of Joshua and Judges, he demonstrated the purposes and plans of God through the conquest. With clarity, insightfulness and humour, Andrew explained the nature of Christianity’s violent past in the Old Testament and reminded us that the God we follow is both just and merciful.

To discover why the Ancient Near Eastern history writers are similar to modern day sports commentators, or to understand the justice and mercy of the conquest, visit the resources page for the video of Andrew’s talk.


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